Vermont Dem Gov Candidate Christine Hallquist Admits She Would Raise Taxes

Vermont Democrat gubernatorial candidate Christine Hallquist is now explicitly calling for new tax hikes.

Per the RGA

After previously claiming that she would not raise anybody’s taxes if elected, despite previous clear evidence to the contrary, Vermont Democrat gubernatorial candidate Christine Hallquist is now explicitly calling for new tax hikes. The VT Diggerreports that she is proposing tax increases and the elimination of economic development programs championed by Governor Phil Scott.

Just last month in an interview with MSNBC, Hallquist stated that “I never said I was going to raise anybody’s taxes. Who wants to raise taxes?” She made this claim despite the fact that she had spent months campaigning in support of numerous tax hikes during the state’s Democrat primary. When confronted about her history of advocating for higher taxes, Hallquist accused her detractors of “making up numbers.”

Now, after being confronted with the truth, it appears that Hallquist is abandoning her attempt to distort the facts and admitting that she would raise taxes if elected. Hallquist has demonstrated an alarming dishonesty with voters when it comes to her record on taxes and continues to show that she can’t be trusted to lead.