Under Governor Raimondo, Rhode Island Lags Behind Other New England States on Job Recovery

Rhode Islanders are in need of new leadership to fix Raimondo’s failed policies

For months, Democrat governor Gina Raimondo has claimed that she’s “focused on jobs” in Rhode Island, but her “rosy” rhetoric doesn’t match reality for the people of her state. A new study by the Rhode Island Center for Freedom & Prosperity shows that the state has experienced the “second-worst employment recovery since the recession,” lagging behind the rest of New England.

While Raimondo has hid behind phony stats and talking points, attempting to move the goal posts on jobs, Rhode Island’s unemployment rate has continued to rise above the national rate in recent months, losing hundreds of jobs while neighboring states continue to experience growth. And with major employers like Alexion Pharmaceuticals leaving the state, taking hundreds of high-paying manufacturing jobs with them, Raimondo’s Rhode Island doesn’t appear to be changing course for the better.

As Rhode Island remains mired in stagnant job growth with bottom ten business rankings under a governor who refuses to be held accountable for her lackluster results, Rhode Islanders are in desperate need of new leadership to remedy Raimondo’s failed policies in 2018.