With Sluggish Economy, Connecticut Won’t Recover From Recession For Another Two Years

Under Failed Governor Dan Malloy and his fellow Democrat Enablers, Connecticut’s sluggish recovery from the recession puts them behind most of the country.

From the RGA

Economist Don Klepper-Smith says that Connecticut still hasn’t recovered almost 20 percent of the jobs it lost during the 2007-2009 recession and remains the only state in the region that has not brought back all pre-recession jobs. Thanks to Malloy and his Chief Enabler Nancy Wyman’s job-killing, tax-hiking policies, Connecticut’s economy remains the weakest in New England, still trying to bounce back from a recession that started almost a decade ago.

The Hartford Business Journalhas more details

At Connecticut’s current pace of job creation, the state will recover all of the jobs it lost during 2007-2009 recession by early 2019, economist Don Klepper-Smith said Wednesday.

The state has recovered 82 percent of the jobs it lost and has another 21,000 jobs to go.

That recovery pace has lagged behind most states. All other New England states have recovered their recessionary job losses and gained some additional net jobs.

As of July, Rhode Island had the second-slowest New England recovery pace, at 109 percent. Massachusetts is performing the best, at 303 percent.

Klepper-Smith, chief economist and director of research at DataCore Partners, highlighted those stats during a quarterly webinar he conducts for Farmington Bank.