Northam Campaign Desperately Tries To Walk Back His Pipeline Admission

That's not how it works...

After months of hiding from the issue, Ralph Northam finally admitted his support for construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline in the Commonwealth. Or did he?

Here's what Northam's campaign spokesperson told the press after Northam announced his support of the project: 

When a reporter reached out to Northam for a comment, communications director David Turner said his stance remains the same.

“Dr. Northam has always said he wants DEQ’s evaluation to be rigorous, based in science, transparent, and to make sure that Virginia takes care of people’s property rights,” Turner said. “He believes the facts should dictate the outcome, and his position has not changed. This is simply an attempt by Republicans to distract from the major divisions between the neo-Confederate wing of their party and Ed Gillespie.”

Northam - In His Own Words

During the show, Fredericks asked Northam whether he would allow for the construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline — a 600-mile steel tube that would distribute natural gas from West Virginia to — North Carolina throughout Virginia.

'…if it’s approved by the [Federal Energy Regulatory Commission] agency, that if they get the sign-off and if you’re governor of Virginia, that you’re going to do nothing to hinder it, stand in the way, or delay it,' Fredericks said. 'You’re going to be enthusiastic and go forward with this. Is that what I’ve heard?'

After a slight pause, Northam says to Fredericks, 'Yeah, sure.'"

Remember when Northam tried to dodge the question?