Ralph Northam Stays Silent As Running Mate Declares Opposition To Pipelines In Virginia

What's it going to be, Ralph?

Thanks a lot, buddy?

Yesterday, Virginia Democrat gubernatorial nominee Ralph Northam's own running mate announced his opposition to construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. The announcement puts Northam in a corner. 

From RGA:

"Justin Fairfax, the Democrat nominee for lieutenant governor and Northam’s running mate, announced his opposition to the pipeline projects, echoing the position of Northam’s primary opponent, Tom Perriello. Despite repeated pressure on Northam from members of the press to give his position on the topic, he has repeatedly refused to do so and has avoided any public events for over a week.

Northam’s attempt to sit on both sides of the fence when it comes to the pipeline debate is becoming an increasingly lonely position in his party. Virginia’s Democrat governor Terry McAuliffe has been clear in his support for the projects while others like Fairfax and Perriello have unequivocally taken the opposite position. If Ralph Northam’s own running mate can take a position on pipeline construction and make it clear to Virginia voters, why can’t he do the same?"