Did Rhode Island Dem Gov Gina Raimondo Flush $1 Million “Down The Toilet” With Failed Ad Spending?

Democrat Governor Gina Raimondo faces growing doubts about her ability to win re-election in November.

Per The RGA:

After over $1 million in campaign ad spending that failed to improve her image among Rhode Island voters, Democrat Governor Gina Raimondo faces growing doubts about her ability to win re-election in November. With the latest WPRI-TV/Roger Williams University survey showing Raimondo still locked in a dead heat with one GOP challenger while her approval rating remains well below 50 percent, WPRI-TV’s panel of Rhode Island political experts noted this weekend that the poll may be proof that Raimondo “flushed $1 million down the toilet” with her failed ad spending:

In another worrisome sign for Raimondo’s candidacy, the panel also noted her growing double-digit deficit among independent voters in the poll, with the incumbent Democrat governor receiving support from only 25 percent of the state’s largest single voting bloc:


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