After Months of Tax Hike Promises, Democrat Ned Lamont Repeats Dan Malloy’s Empty Promise Not To Raise Taxes

Ned Lamont is desperately flip-flopping in hopes of misleading voters.

Per the RGA:

After he has spent months campaigning on the promise of Malloy-style tax hikes that would further burden Connecticut families, Democrat gubernatorial candidate Ned Lamont is desperately flip-flopping in hopes of misleading voters.

The Waterbury Republican-American reports that after Lamont “signaled a willingness to raise taxes on the state’s wealthiest citizens at the outset of his campaign,” including through income tax hikes, Lamont is reversing himself with weeks to go until Election Day and claiming that he would not do so. Unfortunately, voters have already heard this promise once before from another Democrat, Dan Malloy, who pledged in 2014 that he would not raise taxes if re-elected, only to break his promise shortly after securing a second term.

Now Lamont, who signaled his willingness to support increases to the income tax on top of other taxes and fees, is trying to fool Connecticut voters just like his party’s failed governor did four years ago. Lamont continues to prove that he will say anything to try and convince voters to support him. Lamont can’t be trusted to lead.

The Waterbury Republican-American reports:

Democratic nominee Ned Lamont’s position on taxes has evolved since he entered the open governor’s race in January, while Republican nominee Bob Stefanowski has steadfastly opposed any additional taxes.

Lamont signaled a willingness to raise taxes on the state’s wealthiest citizens at the outset of his campaign, and he discussed increasing the income tax for the state’s top earners as part of a balanced overall solution to the state’s budget difficulties.

Now, Lamont is saying that he will hold the line on income taxes, and people can bank on that campaign promise when they cast their ballot on Nov. 6.

‘When I say I’m not going to raise the income tax, I’m not going to raise the income tax,’ Lamont said.

Stefanowski is telling voters not to trust what they are currently hearing from Lamont, and reminding them of how Gov. Dannel P. Malloy signed two of the state’s biggest tax increases after the Democrat called tax increases a last resort in 2010 and pledged not to raise taxes again in 2014.

‘I’ve been consistent on this tax stuff. Mr. Lamont has been on TV and radio saying he is going to raise taxes,’ he said. ‘People keep asking why I compare him to Dan Malloy. Dan Malloy said he wasn’t going to raise taxes, and he did. Ned Lamont, I’m not going to let him off the hook on this…’

Stefanowski has been campaigning since December on a turnaround plan that proposes to phase out taxes on personal income in eight years and corporate income in two years, and immediately end the estate and gift tax.

He also signed a national pledge to veto any tax or fee increase that the legislator might send him as governor…

Lamont had also spoken broadly of applying the 6.85 percent sales tax to more online purchases before the U.S. Supreme Court in June overturned a 1992 decision that held out-of-state sellers are not required to collect sales taxes…

He has also floated the possibility of a statewide property tax on motor vehicles that would end up costing some vehicle owners more…