After Angering Her Supporters, Florida Dem Gov Candidate Gwen Graham Flip-Flops On Jolly For LG

Graham will say anything to get elected.

Per The RGA:

Florida Democrat gubernatorial candidate Gwen Graham is committing flip-flops so fast that she’s making Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign look authentic and trustworthy.

Only a few weeks ago, failed Senate candidate Patrick Murphy, who’s most notable for making up his resume, announced he was considering running in the Democrat gubernatorial primary with David Jolly, a former “Republican” D.C. lobbyist, who couldn’t even beat Charlie Crist in a Congressional race.

At the time, Graham’s surrogates mocked the idea, even arguing that a bipartisan ticket wouldn’t be legal.

But, after a poll showed that her supporters would jump ship if a Murphy/Jolly ticket entered the race, Graham quickly changed her tune, announcing she was considering Jolly to be her running mate.

And then, after her comment sparked backlash from progressives, Graham flip-flopped yet again, tweeting that not only would she only consider a Democrat for lieutenant governor, but they also have to support the “progressive” agenda on abortion, education, minimum wage, the environment, health care, and gun control.

Graham will say anything to get elected. She can’t be trusted to hold the state’s highest office