Profiles In Hypocrisy: Florida Dem Gov Candidate Gwen Graham Fails Her Own Transparency Tests

The Florida Democrat gubernatorial candidate says one thing, but does another.

Per the RGA:

When it comes to transparency, Florida Democrat gubernatorial candidate Gwen Graham is once again proving she says one thing, but does another.

In a desperate bid for attention to raise her embarrassingly low name recognition and lackluster fundraising numbers, Graham is launching attacks, criticizing others on transparency.

gwen graham tweet

But Graham fails to acknowledge that she herself has blocked efforts to turn over records to taxpayers in the interest of transparency. Before leaving Congress, she refused to release records that would have provided voters valuable insight into how she used her influence as a Washington politician to benefit her political ambitions.

Graham’s hypocritical attack comes only a few weeks after she shamelessly held a press conference to bemoan the “chummy” culture between lawmakers and lobbyists, despite her long history of personally and professionally profiting from her own “chummy” relationships with lobbyists and political insiders.

Graham talks a big game, but she consistently fails to live up to her own rhetoric. Florida voters deserve better.