Will Richard Cordray’s Run For Ohio Governor Be Derailed By Contempt Charges?

Could the Cordray Campaign be over before it begins?

Per Reuters

"Republican staff on the House banking panel had suggested in June that Cordray could face contempt charges for insufficient responses to congressional queries, but Friday's report took the conflict to new heights.

A committee spokesman, Jeff Emerson, did not immediately respond to a request for comment on whether the panel would actually seek contempt charges.

Looks like problems are really starting to mount for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director, as he mulls his gubernatorial bid."

Here's more from the RGA

Earlier this week, Congressman Jeb Hensarling noted that Cordray’s steps to run for governor may have violated the Hatch Act. Now, members of the House of Representatives are moving closer to charging Cordray with contempt of Congress for failing to fully comply with subpoena requests by the House Financial Services Committee. As he puts together his gubernatorial bid, Cordray has shown a disturbing disregard for transparency that threatens to plague his candidacy before it even begins. If he has indeed used taxpayer-funded resources or engaged in any prohibited political activity in pursuit of his electoral ambitions, Cordray owes it to Ohioans to be honest and forthright about his actions.