Will Dan Malloy’s Enablers Back His Latest Tax & Fee Hikes On Connecticut Families?

Failed Governor Dan Malloy just released his final budget proposal, pushing even more tax and fee hikes

The RGA writes:

Yesterday, Failed Governor Dan Malloy released his final budget proposal, pushing even more tax and fee hikes as a parting gift for already over-taxed Connecticut families. Not only is Malloy proposing real estate tax increases, statewide highway tolling, and a litany of consumption tax hikes, but he’s also pushing to continue a corporate tax surcharge that would further burden businesses even as employers continue to leave the state in large numbers.

This begs an important question: Will Malloy’s Enablers running to replace him in the Democrat gubernatorial primary support his latest assault on Connecticut taxpayers? Luke Bronin, Susan Bysiewicz, Dita Bhargava, and Ned Lamont have all spent years backing his tax-and-spend agenda and many have vigorously supported his plans to back tolls in recent weeks.

Connecticut’s Democrat gubernatorial candidates have staked their campaigns on continuing Malloy’s high-tax, anti-business agenda. They owe the people of Connecticut answers on why they continue to do so.