What They Are Saying: Jared Polis Botches His “Unity” Rally In Colorado

After a nasty primary, Colorado Democrat gubernatorial nominee Jared Polis staged a so-called “unity rally” on Friday, hoping that the event would help stitch his divided party back together.

Per the RGA:

After a nasty primary, Colorado Democrat gubernatorial nominee Jared Polis staged a so-called “unity rally” on Friday, hoping that the event would help stich his divided party back together.

But, there was only one problem: none of his primary opponents bothered to show up. Rather than unify his party, Polis’ botched rally only provided more proof that Colorado Democrats remain divided heading into November.

Here is what political reports in Colorado are saying about the lack of unity at the Jared Polis “unity” rally:

FOX 31 Denver reported that Cary Kennedy, Mike Johnston, and Donna Lynne were “noticeably missing.”

“Noticeably missing from the rally however was Polis’ Democratic opponents in the primary — Cary Kennedy, Mike Johnston and Donna Lynne.”

CBS Denver wrote that Polis’ primary opponents were “no-shows.”

“Among the no-shows were Polis’s primary opponents, who sent written endorsements instead.”

9 News anchor Kyle Clark tweeted that the absence of Kennedy, Johnston, and Lynne from the rally was “curious” and argued that the Democrats must have known it would draw attention.

Clark Tweet
Clark Tweet 2

Colorado Peak Politics wrote that their refusal to attend the rally was a “slap in the face” and shows their party is “bitterly divided.” 

“The truth is that putting all four of these candidates on stage would only highlight how bitterly divided the Democratic Party is over almost any issue. Oil and gas? Kill it! No, all of the above. Education? Support teachers unions! No, support parental choice because we’re all here to provide a good education for kids, right? Democrats are entirely schizophrenic on the issues.

And what a slap in the face to Polis their absence is. It’s because of his money that Democrats have a decent shot of winning in November.”


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