Virginia’s Top Liberal Blog Says Ralph Northam Is Running A “Lackluster” Campaign For Governor

Northam struggles to excite Democratic voters,

Virgina's most popular liberal blog is calling Democratic gubernatorial nominee Ralph Northam's less-than-exciting campaign. 

Blue Virginia writes: 

“[W]hy am I not bursting with enthusiasm for Ralph Northam right now?

We could start by talking about what seems to be a lackluster campaign.  There seems to be a ‘let’s coast our way to victory’ attitude by at least some in the campaign staff and close Northam associates, if not Northam himself. While this post is not the place for a detailed discussion of this perception (which, based on conversations with involved Virginia Democrats isn’t isolated to this writer), a simple link provides a tangible example of why a reasonable person can have this view. Look at the campaign web page re “events.”  It should take only a few seconds. As I write this post, the most recent “event” posting is from July 27 — two weeks ago. The item prior to that is from… June 6, a week before the primary.  Obviously, a website isn’t the end-all, be-all of political campaigning, but is it unreasonable to take that as a sign of lackadaisical campaign efforts (by at least some of the campaign staff)?  Hint to the Northam campaign: step up YOUR game if you expect me (and others) to step up OUR game in terms of door-knocking/phone-banking/etc…”

Ouch. It's understandable that Northam's sleepy campaign would frustrate his base - especially when stacked up against GOP nominee Ed Gillespie's campaign. But will the enthusiasm gap seriously hurt his chances this November? Only time will tell.