Virginia Dem Lt. Gov Justin Fairfax Claims Sexual Assault Allegations Have “Raised His Public Profile For Good”

Virginia Democrats continue to stoop to shameful new lows...

The RGA reports:

Virginia Democrats continue to stoop to shameful new lows with Lt. Governor Justin Fairfax now claiming that the sexual assault allegations against him from multiple women have “raised his public profile for good.”

The Richmond Times-Dispatchreports that Fairfax is now “seriously” considering a run for governor in 2021, claiming that “many people a year ago would not have recognized me, now they really do.” He attributes his increased name recognition to allegations by two women who claim Fairfax sexually assaulted them. Fairfax has tried to discredit his accusers by calling for criminal investigations into their allegations, despite national Democrats urging the public to “believe all women” in the Me Too era.

For months, Virginia’s entire Democrat leadership has been embroiled in scandal. In addition to the sexual assault allegations against Fairfax, Governor Ralph Northam and Attorney General Mark Herring both admitted to having worn blackface, with Northam later attempting to deny photographic evidence. Fairfax’s new comments are sure to reignite public outrage and remind voters of the Virginia Democratic Party’s serious liabilities.

“Just when we thought Virginia Democrats couldn’t go any lower, these disgusting statements by Justin Fairfax are proof of just how morally bankrupt Commonwealth Democrat leaders really are,” said RGA Communications Director Amelia Chassé Alcivar. “Justin Fairfax’s comments are an insult to victims everywhere, and Democrats must either roundly condemn him or expose themselves as total hypocrites.”