TBT: Ralph Northam’s Grocery Tax Gaffe Highlights His Cluelessness On Taxes

The only tax policy Northam has emphasized so far is changing Virginia’s grocery tax.

From the RGA:

After Ralph Northam’s campaign put out an ad asking voters to visit his website to see his tax plan, he still hasn’t actually released one. A week after the Washington Post reported that “there is no detailed tax plan on Northam’s campaign website,” his campaign is still running misleading ads pointing to his tax plan despite the fact that it doesn’t exist. In fact, the only tax policy Northam has emphasized so far is changing Virginia’s grocery tax.

But even on the grocery tax, Northam has had trouble proving to voters that he has any idea what he’s talking about. In May, during his divisive primary race against Tom Perriello, Northam committed a major gaffe, claiming the grocery tax rate to be much higher than it actually is at a campaign event. Despite making the grocery tax a key issue for his campaign, Northam appeared to have no clue what rate Virginia taxpayers are paying for it. To make matters worse, Northam couldn’t provide any specifics when asked about his grocery tax proposal at a debate against Perriello.

Northam has shown a disturbing failure to grasp the issues. While Virginia voters wait for him to follow through on his pledge to put out a tax plan, his campaign continues to run ads claiming he has one, further proving he is all talk, and no action when it comes to providing solutions for the Commonwealth.

Watch Northam talk about the grocery tax below: 

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