Steve Sisolak’s Love Affair With Taxes

The last thing Nevada needs is a career politician who wants to take more of Nevadan’s money.

Democrat Steve Sisolak has had a long love affair with raising taxes and fees, dating all the way back to his early days on the Clark County Commission. His track record on the Commission provides a glimpse into what life would surely be like with a “Governor Sisolak”.

In 2010, for instance, he voted to increase fees for the Clark County Credit Union’s ATMs. In 2015, he voted to raise the marriage license fee. And a year later in 2016, he voted to raise ambulance ride fees. That same year, he also voted to raise the local hotel room tax to fund a massive new football stadium. And that’s barely the tip of the iceberg.

As a Commissioner, he voted over and over again to hike fees for residents in Clark County, and there’s no reason to think he wouldn’t do the same for all Nevadans.

He’s already said that “everything is on the table in my administration.” That’s right: during a debate in May, he was specifically asked if he would commit to not raising taxes as governor. He refused. In addition, he told a group of supporters that one of the ways he’d pay for his agenda, “...and people don’t want to hear it…is property taxes.

Does that sound like the kind of candidate who’s concerned with growing the economy, spurring job creation, and creating more opportunity for Nevada families? No, it doesn’t. But the last thing Nevada needs is a career politician who wants to take more of Nevadan’s money.

Sisolak simply can’t be trusted. And if past is prologue, there’s no reason to think he’ll will stop at just raising taxes on Nevadans’ homes.


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