States With GOP Governors Lead On Jobs, Economic Growth

States with Republican governors are leading the way when it comes to creating jobs and expanding opportunity for their citizens.

Per The RGA:

States with Republican governors are leading the way when it comes to creating jobs and expanding opportunity for their citizens. A new analysis published in The Hill reveals that states with Republican governors tend to have both lower unemployment rates and stronger economic growth rates than those with Democratic governors:

A deeper look at GOP-led states’ economic success explains why — but beyond the minutiae of simple policy, the bottom line is that electing a Republican often means increased growth and lower unemployment. An even stronger rule bears out the opposite when Democrats control the governor’s mansion. …

When ranking GDP growth by state, the correlation between economic success and Republican governors becomes even more clear. Among the top 10 growing states in the second quarter of 2019 (the most recent detailed numbers available), only two of the 10 had Democratic governors prior to the 2018 election cycle.

The correlation between Republican leadership in the governor’s office and strong economic performance is well-established. In 2019, according to Chief Executive Magazine, 15 of the top 20 states for business were led by a GOP governor, as were nine of the top 10 states for economic freedom.

It’s no surprise that the high cost of living and crippling tax burden in liberal bastions like New York and California are causing residents to flee to states with less burdensome personal and business tax structures. A recent study by U-Haul found that Republican-led Florida and Texas topped the nation for inward migration in 2019.

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