South Carolina Democrat “Golden Boy” James Smith Struggles To Win Gov Primary

Is the Democrat Party doomed in South Carolina?

Per the RGA:

With two weeks until South Carolina Democrats choose their gubernatorial nominee, liberal politician James Smith remains stuck in a bitter fight just to win over his party’s voters, even with the backing of key Democrat groups.

The State reports that “Smith's path to win his party's nomination has gotten rockier” as polls “show him vulnerable: barely in first, tied or in second place.” Despite being called the “golden boy” of the Democrat establishment, Smith finds himself struggling for momentum in a tough three-way primary fight against Phil Noble and Marguerite Willis.

This report comes just weeks after Democrat Governors Association Chair Jay Inslee claimed that national Democrats “can compete in places like South Carolina” because of quality candidates, appearing to refer to Smith:

Jay Inslee Says The DGA Can Compete In South Carolina

Unfortunately for the DGA and other national Democrat groups, Smith’s campaign has failed to catch fire among voters as polls show him stuck in a tight race just to win his own primary – and with Noble and Willis continuing to level withering criticism toward Smith’s campaign, Democrats’ bullish talk of their chances in South Carolina doesn’t appear to match reality.