Ron DeSantis warns corporate America to ‘grow some backbone’, resist ‘wokeness’ push

Gov. Ron DeSantis blasted corporations for moves to shun certain states on Fox News Channel’s Sunday Morning Futures, urging CEOs to “grow some backbone.”

Per Florida Politics:

The Governor made the comments Sunday on Fox News.

Gov. Ron DeSantis blasted corporations for moves to shun certain states on Fox News Channel’s Sunday Morning Futures, urging CEOs to “grow some backbone.”

“I think corporate America, by trying to genuflect to this wokeness, I think they’ve gone down a really bad road. They’re going to tie themselves into knots trying to please the extreme left,” DeSantis said to host Maria Bartiromo, before outlining his own example as instructive in dealing with the slings and arrows from critics.

“What I’ve told people is that if the left is after you, the minute you buckle, you’re just painting a bullseye on your back. They’re going to keep coming back and back and back. If you just stand your ground, yeah they’ll complain for a couple days, but they’ll move on to the next outrage,” DeSantis added.

“I think some of these corporate CEOs, they need to grow some backbone. They need to be willing to stand up and not be pushed in to taking these positions,” DeSantis added, where “they’re basically accepting very partisan left-wing narratives.”

DeSantis, who has made ideological combat central to his brand, was reflecting on moves like that of Major League Baseball, which decided to move its All Star Game from Georgia in the wake of new voting legislation.

“If you’re going to stick your beak into issues that don’t directly concern you, and I think elected officials are going to stick their beak into issues that don’t directly concern them,” DeSantis said, not elaborating on those issues.

“And so if you are Major League Baseball, and you have to move out of Atlanta because they’re having Voter I.D., well what about all the other jurisdictions that you’re in that have ‘more restrictive laws?'”

“What about the fact that you’re doing business with the Communist Party of China? The fact that you’ve done business with the Castro regime in Cuba? It doesn’t make sense,” DeSantis thundered.

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