Republican Governors Deliver Tax Cuts While Democrat Governors Remain Obsessed With Tax Increases

Democrat governors remain obsessed with increasing taxes and forcing families to pay more.

Per The RGA:

On this Tax Day, Americans are once again reminded of how much they are paying in taxes. While Democrat governors remain obsessed with increasing taxes and forcing families to pay more, Republicans governors continue to fight for tax reform, remaining focused on lowering the tax burden for residents of their states.

According to Americans for Tax Reform, since 2011, Republican governors have cut taxes by more than $62 billion, while in the same time frame, Democrat governors have increased taxed by $116 billion.

While Republican governors have delivered massive tax relief, they have announced new initiatives to cut taxes even further in their states.

In Iowa, GOP Governor Kim Reynolds proposed a massive tax relief plan that would cut taxes for Iowans by $1.7 billion over the next five years, including a 23% cut in income taxes that would boost take home pay.

In Illinois, GOP Governor Bruce Rauner recently doubled-down on his commitment to bring tax relief to the people of Illinois, proposing a balanced budget plan that includes a $1 billion tax cut.

In Florida, GOP Governor Rick Scott recently proposed a new plan that would cut taxes by more than $180 million, including a new tax holiday that would save millions for families shopping for school supplies. While in office, Governor Scott has cut taxes more than 80 times, saving Florida families more than $10 billion.

In Alabama, GOP Governor Kay Ivey recently signed major tax relief for the citizens of her state, cutting income taxes that will save taxpayers over $40 million over the next 10 years.

In Idaho, GOP Governor Butch Otter recently delivered more than $200 million in tax relief, making Idaho more competitive for business, while slashing income taxes and creating a child tax credit for working families.

In Vermont, GOP Governor Phil Scott is standing up for taxpayers, challenging lawmakers who want to increase the state’s tax burden. Governor Scott also signed one of the first Vermont budgets in nearly a decade that did not include any new tax increases.

In Arkansas, GOP Governor Asa Hutchinson recently announced a plan to cut income taxes by $180 million, allowing the state’s residents to keep more of their hard-earned money.

In Wisconsin, GOP Governor Scott Walker has overseen more than $4.7 billion in tax cuts since he took office, significantly reducing the tax burden on citizens in his state.

In Texas, GOP Governor Greg Abbott is taking action to rein in skyrocketing property taxes and help restore property rights.

Meanwhile, Democrat governors and gubernatorial candidates are taking new action to force families in their states to pay more through concerted efforts to hike taxes in their states.

In New Jersey, Governor Phil Murphy recently announced a tax hike plan that totals more than $1.6 billion. This plan would increase the state’s sales tax and income tax, and hike taxes on Uber, Lyft, AirBnB, businesses and online sales.

In Connecticut, Governor Dan Malloy has proposed more tax and fee hikes, even after massive tax hikes forced companies like General Electric to leave the state. The Democrats running to succeed him also have a long history of tax and fee hikes.

In Illinois, J.B. Pritzker admitted that if elected governor, he would immediately move to hike taxes on Illinois families even further. The Chicago Tribune recently noted that Pritzker’s tax-and-spend agenda would drive away jobs, residents and employers.

In Maryland, Ben Jealous has put forward an extreme far-left agenda that would require “eye-popping” tax increases that would hurt job creators.

In Iowa, Cathy Glasson has touted a $12 billion tax to support a radical government takeover of healthcare.

In Rhode Island, Governor Gina Raimondo is pushing a budget proposal that would hike fees by more than $41 million over the next year.

In Florida, Andrew Gillum recently announced a plan to hike taxes by $1 billion on Florida businesses – a plan that would kill jobs and force companies to leave the state.

In Arizona, David Garcia recently proposed a $500 million tax increase.

In New York, Governor Andrew Cuomo proposed hiking taxes and fees by $1 billion, and then tried to mask the language of his tax hikes by calling them “revenue raisers.”

In Oklahoma, Drew Edmonson is calling for $700 million in higher taxes on oil and gas production.

In Colorado, Mike Johnston has shifted his tax-hiking crusade into overdrive, promising to increase taxes, potentially by billions, if elected as the state’s next governor. Another Democrat running for governor, Jared Polis, has also suggestedthat he will raise taxes and fees if elected.

In Oregon, Governor Kate Brown is set to sign a massive new $244 million tax hike on the state’s small businesses. This latest tax hike hits small businesses hard – it’s estimated to take over $1 billion from them in just the next six years. Brown reportedly argued that keeping taxes low on small business would be “overly generous.”

In Minnesota, Rebecca Otto has infamously backed a tax on carbon emissions that would raise energy rates and force families in the state to pay more.

In Alaska, “Independent” Governor Bill Walker recently pushed a tax hike, despite telling voters in 2014 that he had “no intention” of raising taxes.

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