Report: Dem Gov Kate Brown Has Left Oregon “Unprepared” To Deal With Major Disaster

Brown would prefer to focus on tax hikes and radical-left hot-button issues.

Oregon Democrat Governor Kate Brown has used her time in office to make a national name for herself, focusing on tax hikes and radical-left hot button issues instead of making Oregon a safe place to live.

Now, a new report finds that Kate Brown has left Oregon “unprepared” to deal with a major disaster, even though the state faces a one in ten chance of “soon experiencing” a major earthquake. Despite “years of requests,” Oregon has refused to fund full-time emergency preparedness workers, and hasn’t even retrofitted its command center for a strong earthquake. Oregon’s unpreparedness could even threaten federal disaster dollars.

The Oregonian explains that a new report finds that “Oregon is nowhere near ready to deal with a catastrophic earthquake or tsunami like the predicted Big One.”

Oregonians deserve a governor who is committed to Oregon’s future, not one who consistently attempts to use her office to make herself a national left-wing celebrity.

Oregon is nowhere near ready to deal with a catastrophic earthquake or tsunami like the predicted Big One, according to an audit released Thursday.

The state’s command center for disasters is not even retrofitted to withstand a strong earthquake, the audit said.

Despite years of requests, the Oregon Legislature has not granted requests for funding more full-time emergency preparedness workers, leaving the state with far fewer than other coastal states. Without those people, the Office of Emergency Management runs the risk of losing important federal dollars and is behind on emergency planning efforts.


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