Ralph Northam Tries To Have It Both Ways On Pipelines

He owes voters a straightforward answer

From theRGA

"Even after winning his party primary’s race to the left against Tom Perriello, Democrat Ralph Northam is still trying to have it both ways on energy pipeline construction in Virginia. Yesterday, the Sierra Club, a major environmentalist group, announced it will back Northam in the general election, despite his continued refusal to give a yes or no answer on pipeline construction. Unlike Northam, the Sierra Club has been very clear about where it stands on the topic:'

'The Sierra Club is working with other groups and thousands of Virginia citizens to STOP the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline, Mountain Valley Pipeline, and the Western Marcellus Pipeline. These proposed pipelines harm our communities and our environment.'

Now with pipeline supporters like Democrat Governor Terry McAuliffe and the anti-pipeline Sierra Club both backing him, voters deserve to know which one of them Northam will side with. On an issue as consequential to Virginia’s future as pipelines, Ralph Northam simply cannot have it both ways. If he is going to ask for the votes of Commonwealth citizens, he owes them a straightforward answer."

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