President George W. Bush: The Original Master of Nicknames

He had a knack for creating colorful and endearing nicknames for both world leaders and politicians alike...

Although many believe that the habit of bestowing nicknames upon political opponents seems like a recent campaign tactic, it has been a strategy employed by previous Presidents as well. President George W. Bush had a knack for creating colorful and endearing nicknames for both world leaders and politicians alike. Here’s a look at some of 43’s best:

1. “Rummy” – former Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld

Don Rumsfeld

2. “Ari-Bob” – Ari Fleisher, former White House Press Secretary

Ari Fleischer

3. “The World’s Greatest Hero” – former Secretary of State Colin Powell

colin powell

4. “Turd Blossom”, “Boy Genius”, and “The Architect” – Karl Rove, former Senior Advisor to the President

karl rove

5. “Conan the Republican” – Arnold Schwarzenegger, former Governor of California

Arnold Schwarzenegger

6. “Boner” – John Boehner, Former House Majority Leader during Bush Administration

John Boehner

7. “Bushie” – former First Lady Laura Bush

Laura Bush

8. “Pootie Poot” and “Ostrich Legs” – Vladamir Putin, President of Russia


9. “Barty”, “Danny Boy”, “Captain Dan”, and “Dan the Man” – Dan Bartlett,  former Deputy Chief of Staff under the Bush Administration.

Dan Barlett

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