Oregon Governor’s Race Tightens As Dem Gov Kate Brown Struggles To Connect

Republican gubernatorial nominee Knute Buehler is gaining steam in deep-blue Oregon...

The RGA writes:

Republican gubernatorial nominee Knute Buehler is gaining steam in deep-blue Oregon, with KATU, Portland’s ABC affiliate, reporting that the “Oregon governor’s race seems to be tightening.”

Last week the Cook Political Reportdowngraded incumbent Governor Kate Brown’s chances, moving the race in the GOP direction from ‘Likely’ to just ‘Lean’ Democrat. Now, KATU reports that local political analysts are coming to the same conclusion.

“It’s not that big of a surprise,” said Jim Moore, political science professor at Pacific University. “Kate Brown, our incumbent governor, has not become more popular.” “Yes, Knute Buehler can actually win,” says Moore.

Two recently released public polls have found the race within the margin of error, with one showing Buehler and Brown tied, and another showing Buehler in the lead.

With her billions in tax hikes and failure to tackle the pension crisis, homelessness and improve education, Kate Brown is vulnerable this November.


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