Will Oregon Dem Gov Kate Brown Betray Taxpayers Again By Signing Massive Tax Hike On Small Businesses?

The governor is being pressured to sign a massive $244 million tax hike on small businesses

Per The RGA:

Oregon Democrat Governor Kate Brown is on the verge of betraying taxpayers yet again, with her far-left allies pressuring her to sign a massive $244 million tax hike on small businesses. Brown is already responsible for hundreds of millions of dollars in new taxes during her time in office, hiking taxes on healthcare, gasoline and even bicycles.

Oregon Public Broadcasting reports that the tax hike currently at Brown’s desk would directly hit small businesses in the state. “Many of her fellow Democrats and advocates for education and other public services are pushing her to sign the bill.”

Signing the bill could cause Kate Brown’s approval numbers to further plummet, as it would “force her to defend what is technically a tax hike during the fall campaign.” Brown’s approval rating has already dropped 13 points with reports of scandal and mismanagement in her administration.

Will Kate Brown betray taxpayers once again?

Portland Tribune: Brown weighs signing $220 million biz tax bill

Gov. Kate Brown is weighing whether to sign a bill intended to soften the impact of federal tax reform on the state's coffers as Republicans look forward to using the measure as a campaign issue.

Tax deductions created by federal law are available on state tax returns unless those provisions are specifically disconnected from Oregon law.

Senate Bill 1528 disconnects Oregon law from a federal deduction for owners of so-called pass-through businesses, whose business income "passes through" to be claimed on their personal income taxes.

Federal reforms contained in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, signed into law by the president in December, will allow owners of those businesses — such as sole proprietorships, partnerships, LLCs and S-corporations — to deduct up to 20 percent of their business income from their 2018 tax return.