Ohio Dem Gov Primary Turns Ugly As Richard Cordray Slams Dennis Kucinich

The most recent poll shows Cordray locked in a tight race against Kucinich...

Per The RGA:

Ohio’s Democrat gubernatorial primary is quickly turning ugly with less than three months until the party chooses its nominee. One day after the Bernie Sanders-aligned Our Revolution group backed Dennis Kucinich over Richard Cordray, Cordray attacked his Democrat opponent, going negative for the first time. Cleveland Plain Dealer reporter Jeremy Pelzer called it a sign that “Team Cordray’s worried enough about Dennis that they feel they need to go negative against him.”

Despite securing the backing of Democrat establishment leaders like Elizabeth Warren, the most recent poll shows Cordray locked in a tight race against Kucinich, with large numbers of Democrat primary voters still undecided. With Cordray still facing doubts after the Toledo Blade labeled him an “an inherently weak candidate” who “probably cannot win” the general election, Kucinich is apparently causing Cordray’s campaign heartburn as he goes negative in an increasingly competitive primary fight.

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