New Poll: North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum Holds Outstanding 70% Favorability Rating, Outperforms Democrats

A brand new poll shows North Dakota voters have taken notice of Governor Burgum’s results-driven leadership,

The RGA reports:

A brand new poll shows North Dakota voters have taken notice of Governor Burgum’s results-driven leadership, giving him a sky-high favorability rating of 70 percent when compared to well-known Democrats.

This poll marks a trend of strong approval numbers for Governor Burgum – a DFM Research poll released earlier this month showed that the governor enjoys a 93 percent approval rating among Republicans and has a larger percentage of Democrats viewing him favorably than unfavorably, and a recent Morning Consult poll ranks him as one of the most popular governors in the country.

According to SayAnything’s Rob Port, “A Republican governor who is above water in favorability even among Democrats is going to be almost impossible to unseat in the 2020 election cycle.”

With a pro-business attitude and a record of achievement, Governor Burgum has shown the people of North Dakota what common sense conservative leadership can do, enacting innovative policies and building a strong base of bipartisan support across the state.

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