North Carolina Dem Gov Roy Cooper To Kick Off His Re-Election Campaign In…New York City?

Democrat Governor Roy Cooper is planning to kick off his campaign at a New York City fundraiser led by a top Obama donor.

Per The RGA:

Instead of launching his re-election candidacy in North Carolina, Democrat Governor Roy Cooper is planning to kick off his campaign at a New York City fundraiser led by a top Obama donor.

The News & Observer reports that Cooper will hold a “re-election kickoff event” in the New York City home of Nik Mittal, an investment fund manager and Barack Obama donor. The Democrat fundraising site ActBlue is accepting donations on the Cooper campaign’s behalf to attend the event for $5,400 per chair.

Cooper’s decision to announce his re-election candidacy with his big-money New York City donors instead of North Carolina voters proves that he is too out of touch to lead.

The News & Observer: Why is Gov. Roy Cooper Having a 'Re-election Kickoff Event' in Another State? 


Republicans are criticizing Gov. Roy Cooper for what’s been described as “the Governor’s re-election kickoff event” at a private home in New York City.

The wording appears in an email inviting Cooper’s supporters to a fundraiser this Thursday in New York at the home of Nik and Pritha Mittal. Nik Mittal is an investment fund manager who graduated from UNC-Chapel Hill and serves on the university’s Honors Board; he previously served on UNC’s Board of Visitors.

“I hope you’ll join us in the Governor’s re-election kickoff event on Thursday, January 31st,” an email from Zach Allen tells supporters. The formal invitation attached doesn’t bill the event as a campaign kickoff; instead, it describes it as “cocktails and conversation with Governor Roy Cooper.”

The N.C. Republican Party was quick to blast the out-of-state event when Allen’s email circulated Monday.

“By announcing his re-election campaign for governor of North Carolina in New York City, that tells voters all they need to know about Roy Cooper,” NCGOP chairman Robin Hayes said. “Behind that folksy facade is a big-city liberal Democrat ready to bring failed tax-and-spend policies to NC to please his wealthy Wall Street donors.”

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