New Gun Rights Threat: Newsom Signs Bill Allowing Lawsuits Against Gun Makers

Last week, Governor Gavin Newsom signed yet another radical gun control bill into law

California has some of the strictest gun control laws in the country, including a ban on “assault” rifles and high-capacity magazines, as well as a prohibition on gun sales to people under the age of twenty-one.

But California Democrats have continued to push for more gun restrictions. And, last week, Governor Gavin Newsom signed yet another radical gun control bill into law.

The law, based on similar legislation in New York State, gives the state (and local governments) more power to sue companies that legally sold or manufactured a gun that was subsequently used in a crime.

Newsom’s new law takes direct aim at the Second Amendment rights of millions of Californians –and could even result in firearms businesses shutting down their California operations altogether.

California Rifle & Pistol AssociationPresident and General Counsel Chuck Michel says, “This law is a clear First Amendment violation of speech and assembly. It’s really an attempt to wipe out the next generation of hunters and shooters. Politicians in Sacramento are not even trying to hide their disdain for the ‘gun culture,’which they neither understand nor support. They want to wipe it out.”

California is suffering from runaway inflation, surging crime, and some of the highest gas prices in America. But Gavin Newsom is focused on placating his “woke” base by imposing radical gun control measures on law-abiding citizens.

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