New Ad Blasts Ralph Northam's "No Show" Record, and It's Absolutely Savage

Ralph Northam is taking heat in a new ad that targets his record.

The new ad is titled "Ralph Northam Didn't Do His Job," and according to the Richmond Times-Dispatch, is expected to air across Virginia, leading up to the general election in November.

Watch the ad below:

Ralph Northam Didn’t Do His Job


Don't show for work? You'd get fired. Waste a million bucks? You'd get fired... Unless you're a politician like Ralph Northam. 

Ralph Northam missed nearly 60% of meetings for a board that could have prevented cronyism and corruption. Instead, he let a fake Chinese company with a false address and phony website take $1.4 million of our money.  

Ralph didn't show up. He doesn't deserve a promotion.

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