CONNED: Malloy Enabler Ned Lamont’s Slogan Error Perfectly Sums Up His Gubernatorial Campaign In Connecticut

Can't make this up...

The RGA writes:

This week, Connecticut Democrat gubernatorial candidate Ned Lamont’s new slogan has drawn some unwelcome headlines for his campaign. Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel took note of how “Vote ConNEDticut” contained the word “conned,” sending an accidental, but very fitting, negative message about his candidacy.

Unfortunately for Lamont, his slogan error perfectly sums up his campaign strategy as he attempts to con voters into thinking he won’t continue the same failed policies of Democrat Governor Dan Malloy, the most unpopular governor in the nation. This week, The CT Mirror wrote that Lamont “has spent months trying to distance himself from the unpopular Democratic governor” even as his policies would put the state in “the same dilemma” with Big Labor Union Bosses as Malloy’s have.

As his slogan states, Lamont is desperately trying to con Connecticut voters into thinking he offers a new vision for the state, but in truth, he’s only another Malloy Enabler promising to bring more of the same.

The Washington Free Beacon has more:

Ned Lamont is the Democratic candidate for governor of Connecticut, and his attempt to slip his first name into the state’s name made for an unfortunate slogan.

He placed the name ‘Ned’ into Connecticut, creating a sign that said, ‘Vote conNEDticut.’ While it made sense phonetically, spelling out ‘conNED’ was likely not his intent.

Washington Post reporter Dave Weigel flagged the slogan, screen-shotting a picture of Lamont during a local TV interview and writing, ‘Folks can we talk about this slogan.’

Lamont, a businessman and politician, previously made a run for the governorship and a U.S. Senate seat in Connecticut. He ran for Senate in 2006 and defeated Joe Lieberman in the Democratic primary. Lieberman, however, came back to win the general election as an independent. Lamont went on to run for governor in 2008 but lost at the state Democratic convention and ultimately in the Democratic primary to Dannel Mallory, the state’s current governor.

Lamont faces Republican Bob Stefanowski in the general election. Malloy decided last year not to seek reelection.