The Most Popular Governors In America Are...

Can you guess?

From the RGA: 

All across America, Republican governors continue to prove why they are known as America’s doers. By providing strong leadership, reducing taxes, promoting job growth and achieving meaningful reform, they continue to get results for their states, and voters are rewarding those results. As today’s new Morning Consult poll shows, the 10 most popular governors in America are all Republicans.

In the new poll, blue state GOP governors showed strong signs of bipartisan support as Charlie Baker of Massachusetts continues to hold the title of America’s most popular governor with a 69% approval rating, followed closely by Larry Hogan of Maryland, whose approval stands at 66%. Six of the top 10 most popular governors are also Republicans running for re-election in 2018. In addition to Baker and Hogan, Governor Kay Ivey of Alabama holds a 64% approval rating, Governor Phil Scott of Vermont is at 63%, and Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson holds a 59% rating, as does Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Republican governors remain committed to transforming their states for the better by promoting pro-growth policies that create jobs and expand opportunity. Their successful policies continue to serve as a model for how Republicans can win and govern effectively.

Morning Consult: America's Most and Least Popular Governors 

Most of the governors running for re-election this year ended 2017 in a strong position, according to Morning Consult’s Governor Approval Rankings.

The latest installment of the quarterly rankings — based on surveys with 253,393 registered voters nationwide conducted online from Oct. 1 through Dec. 31 — shows 10 of the 19 governors garneredthe support of a majority of their constituents. (Full methodology is available here.)

Republicans control 33 of the country’s 50 governorships, and 13 of the state leaders running this year to keep their jobs hail from the GOP, including first-term Republicans in reliably blue states: Charlie Baker of Massachusetts (69 percent approval), Larry Hogan of Maryland (66 percent) and Phil Scott of Vermont (63 percent).

Popular GOP governors on the ballot this year in deep-red states are also in the top 10: Kay Ivey in Alabama (64 percent approval) and Asa Hutchinson in Arkansas and Greg Abbott in Texas, both with 59 percent approval.