Money Woes Hurt Democrat Hopes In Governor Races

The DNC just released its worst July fundraising numbers in a decade.

Democrats are not only struggling to rebuild their party after Hillary Clinton's loss in 2016, they're desperately hurting in the fundraising department as well. 

Fox News has the details:

The Democratic National Committee just posted its worst July fundraising numbers in a decade, raising questions about why the party machine cannot capitalize on President Trump’s low approval ratings and whether new Chairman Tom Perez is up to the task.

The DNC raised $3.8 million last month, compared to $10.2 million for the Republican National Committee. The tally fit a pattern for the Democrats, who have posted a string of depressed fundraising numbers month after month this year, even after new party boss Perez took charge in February. 

Perez, after the small haul was announced last week, attributed the disappointing July results to understaffing and too few fundraisers as he tries to rebuild the group in the wake of 2016's damaging controversies.

The Hill: Shake-up leaves Dems behind in fundraising 

Many Democrats are frustrated by the sluggish fundraising pace, which comes even as President Trump's sagging approval rating drives Democratic outrage across the country.

They're also concerned about the implications of being financially outgunned ahead of a pivotal midterm election cycle, where Democrats will attempt to take the House while defending a number of Senate seats.

'We really should be kicking their asses,' one longtime Democratic donor said. 'It shouldn't even be close, considering all hell is breaking loose on their side.'

The donor, like many top Democratic donors and fundraisers who requested anonymity to share their candid assessments with The Hill, conceded that it’s 'still early' in the cycle. The group still thinks there's time for new DNC Chairman Tom Perez to right the ship following a bruising 2016 run for Democrats."