Kristi Noem slams Biden for getting every issue wrong: 'The George Costanza of politics'

South Dakota governor tells Brian Kilmeade Biden trying to 'remake America'

Per Fox News:

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem slammed President Biden for his "radical" agenda, arguing he is the "George Costanza of politics." Noem joined "The Brian Kilmeade Show" on Tuesday, reiterating the importance of midterms in order to put a "brake" on the "leftist" agenda. 

KRISTI NOEM: Joe Biden's like the George Costanza politics. Every single instinct he has is wrong. It's just incredible to me how he has completely made the wrong decision on every single issue. So the midterms can't come quick enough to put some kind of a brake on this agenda that they have. It's radical, it's leftist. Its goal is to remake the United States of America, and the only chance we have to stop them is a very, verysuccessful midterm electionthat wins back the House, has a chance it at the Senate and really making sure this administration is crippled.