Infighting and Division In Georgia’s Dem Gov Primary Has Democrats Worried

A bitter primary battle is already taking shape in Georgia...

From the RGA

The increasingly bitter Georgia Democrat gubernatorial primary between Stacey Abrams and Stacey Evans continues to divide Democrats, weakening their chances of victory in 2018. After the party experienced a complete meltdown earlier this month at the Netroots Nation event in Atlanta when Evans was loudly booed by Abrams supporters during her remarks, many have labeled the primary as the “Georgia version of the Hillary Clinton-Bernie Sanders feud,” saying it could “cripple the party.”

Atlanta Journal-Constitution: A Divide Over The Two Staceys Has Georgia Democrats Worried 

“Laura Register came to the Netroots Nation event this month as an avowed Abrams supporter, toting the candidate’s T-shirts in her bags. She left the hotel ballroom worried that Democrats were ‘eating their own’ — and is now a firm supporter of Evans…

Abrams and her supporters say the campaign was ‘wholly unaffiliated’ with the protest. Some said the incident was blown out of proportion and that it involved Evans’ education stance and not her skin color. But others share Register’s fear that it was just the opening salvo of a Georgia version of the Hillary Clinton-Bernie Sanders feud that could cripple the party.

‘I’d hate to see that happen,’ said Diane Feil, a nurse who volunteers for Abrams, ‘because if it does, the Democrats will not be able to win the governorship.’


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