Gov. Hogan proposes $500 million plan to address crime and 'refund police'

In his legislative announcement news conference, Gov. Larry Hogan said crime prevention will be a top priority.


In his legislative announcement news conference, Gov. Larry Hogan said crime prevention will be a top priority.

Hogan proposed $500 million in increased aid to police for hiring, bonuses, special ops, neighborhood safety grants (lighting and cameras), a renewed push for tougher sentencing for gun offenders, and 100% state match for crimestoppers rewards.

“Instead of defunding, they need more investment in public safety, now we just need the Maryland general assembly to do so," Hogan said.  

Hogan also said significantly tougher penalties are needed "for those who commit crimes with guns and for those who illegally possess guns as well as those who supply the illegal guns to violent criminals.” 

He also said that police in Maryland are "underfunded and under attack."

In talking about his crime package, Hogan got choked up talking about the murder of Baltimore officer Keona Holley, who will be laid to rest Tuesday.

“Put all of the politics aside and to work with us on these emergency crime bills," Hogan said.

The state will also track open warrants for high crime areas. Hogan said he also wants legislation to track sentences handed down by judges.   

“There can be no more excuses. And no more delays. The time for action is now,” Hogan said. 

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