New Gillespie Ad Slams Northam on Sanctuary Cities

Gillespie slams Northam's "risky policies".

The Republican Standard has all the details: 

Gillespie is up in the first true ad of the gubernatorial campaign with a powerful ad focusing on law and order — issues that ring true on immigration, Antifa, and gang violence where Northam campaign is not only weak, but Northam’s base is divided six ways to Sunday.

“The first job of a governor is to ensure public safety; keeping communities, schools, businesses and public gathering places safe. Ralph Northam’s policy in favor of sanctuary cities in our Commonwealth will not make Virginians safer,” said campaign manager Chris Leavitt.“Ed is proud to be the son of an immigrant, and knows we can both welcome legal immigrants and enforce our laws at the same time. As governor, Ed will stand with our law enforcement and first responders, protect Virginia from those who wish to do us harm, ensure that sanctuary cities that are a safe haven for violent criminals here illegally are never allowed in the Commonwealth, and combat violent gangs like MS-13 that The Washington Post recently reported as seeing a ‘resurgence’ in the state. Ed included a ban on sanctuary cities in his detailed plan to combat gangs.”

Here's more background from the RGA: 

During his bitter primary battle with Tom Perriello, Northam bragged about casting a tie-breaking vote to kill a bill in the Virginia Senate that would have banned sanctuary cities in the Commonwealth. Northam had previously stressed “the need for an efficient way for sheriff’s and state police officers to report illegals to federal officials” when he ran for State Senate in 2007, but then a decade later, once he was running for governor, he decided to flip-flop and vote against banning “sanctuary” cities in an blatant attempt to attract far-left voters. Northam has also supported pro-sanctuary policies since 2013, when he first ran for Lieutenant Governor, such as drivers’ licenses and in-state college tuition for illegal immigrants – even as tuition increased for Virginian students. 

By throwing his support behind reckless sanctuary city policies that disregard federal law while allowing criminal illegal aliens to evade authorities, Northam has shown that protecting Virginia families comes second to advancing his political ambitions and his radical agenda.