Failing New Jersey Dem Gov Phil Murphy Faces Growing Criticism From His Own Party

Murphy’s failed leadership continues to drag New Jersey down as he faces growing criticism – even from members of his own party.

The RGA reports:

Democrat Governor Phil Murphy’s failed leadership continues to drag New Jersey down as he faces growing criticism – even from members of his own party.

NJ Advance Media reports that New Jersey Democrat power broker George Norcross III “has declared all-out war” on Murphy calling him a “liar” and “politically incompetent” over his management of the New Jersey Economic Development Authority.

Asking “What’s the endgame for this guy?” Norcross even accused Murphy of thinking “he’s the King of England” and that he doesn’t “have to answer to anybody.”

Norcross is the second leading New Jersey Democrat to turn on Murphy in a month, after State Senate President Stephen Sweeney attacked Murphy for turning a different state agency into a “patronage pit” by appointing insiders and cronies to high-paying government positions.

“As he continues to fail the people of New Jersey, even members of Phil Murphy’s own party are blasting his incompetent and dishonest leadership,” said RGA Communications Director Amelia Chassé Alcivar. “New Jersey deserves better than a corrupt politician whose growing ethical issues and misguided policies threaten to take the Garden State backwards.”


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