Evers Can’t Be Trusted To Keep Our Children Safe

He refused to revoke the teacher’s license.

In 2014, a 7th-grade teacher in Wisconsin, who was caught viewing pornography on a school computer, was allowed back into the classroom. 

The teacher had also reportedly made lewd comments regarding the middle school-aged girls he was supposed to be educating. But though he was initially fired, the teacher ended up getting his job back and going back into the classroom with Wisconsin students.

Unbelievable, right? Now enter Democrat gubernatorial nominee, Tony Evers. Since 2009, Evers has been Wisconsin’s Superintendent for Public Education. He refused to revoke the teacher’s license. Because of that, every Wisconsin family has the right to question whether he’ll protect their children as governor.

According to the Associated Press, Evers said he couldn’t revoke the teacher’s license because no students actually viewed the pornographic material. Never mind that it was viewed by a teacher on school equipment.

So where was Evers? Somewhere not protecting Wisconsin’s students.