ECONOMIC DISASTER: Democrat Andrew Gillum Wants A $1 Billion Tax Hike On Florida Job Creators

Gillum’s tax increase is so radical that its spawning “terror” from Florida’s businesses community

From the RGA:

In the Florida governor’s race, tax hikes have become the “bold dividing line” between Republican Ron DeSantis and Democrat Andrew Gillum.

While DeSantis has committed to not raising taxes, Gillum is pushing a massive billion-dollar tax hike on Florida job creators. Gillum’s tax increase is so radical that its spawning “terror” from Florida’s businesses community, who say it would “have a chilling effect” on the state’s economy. Making matters worse for Gillum, even Democrats are quickly running from the proposal.

On the “central clash” of the Florida governor’s race, businesses and many Democrats agree that Gillum would reverse Florida’s job boom and crush working families. Floridians can’t afford to pay the costs of Andrew Gillum’s radical tax hiking agenda.

Herald-Tribune reports:

In a move setting him apart from usually tax-averse Florida candidates, Democrat Andrew Gillum has called for a stunning 40 percent increase in Florida’s corporate income tax — which he wants to use to raise $1 billion more for education, including $50,000 minimum starting salaries for teachers.

National headquarters of companies in this state are focused on this like a laser beam,’ said Tom Feeney, a former Republican Florida House speaker and president of Associated Industries of Florida, whose members include some of the state’s biggest companies.

He said Gillum’s proposal has spawned ‘terror’ in board rooms and is fueling business support for Republican gubernatorial nominee Ron DeSantis, who has said little about his economic plans, other than embracing most of the tax-and-regulation-cutting policies advanced by Scott over the past eight years.

‘Punishing corporations by taking money out of the pockets of job-creators is going to have a chilling effect on this state’s economy,’ Feeney added.