Dems Continue To Face Fundraising Challenges

Dem donors "are not ponying up"

Democrats have repeatedly stressed the importance of the 2018 statewide elections to the future of their party. Despite these public statements, their fundraising machine seems to be lagging behind.

Fox News reported: 

Republicans’ multimillion-dollar fundraising edge over Democrats extends to the battle for control of state capitals, with the party’s gubernatorial fundraising arm outpacing its Democratic counterpart by $15 million so far this year.

Facing 38 gubernatorial contests over the next two years, Democrats repeatedly have made clear the importance of winning those races -- considering Republicans now control 33 of the 50 governorships.

“But their money really doesn’t match their words,” Republican Governors Association spokesman Jon Thompson told Fox News. “Donors are not ponying up.”

The RGA has outraised the Democratic Governors Association, $36 million to $21 million, so far this year.

The totals above are as of June 30, 2017. And thanks to West Virginia Gov. Jim Justice switching parties, the number of Republican governors now stands at 34. 

That said, a  total of 38 governors races will be held over the next two years. Just this past July, Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe talked about the Democrats’ plan to raise money going into 2018. “I don’t say this lightly,” said McAuliffe at the time, “but the future of our party comes down to these governor’s races”

 Only time will tell if Democrat donors agree.