Democrats Show More Signs Of Panic, Division Over Ralph Northam’s Struggling Campaign

Democrats continue to show clear signs of panic over Ralph Northam’s struggling campaign.

The RGA writes:

With eight days to go until Election Day in Virginia, Democrats continue to show clear signs of panic over Ralph Northam’s struggling campaign. After two weeks marked by tightening poll numbers, botched attacks on his opponent, and a scandal involving his running mate, NBC News reports that “fear among some Democratic leaders” has not subsided for Northam, calling his candidacy “less than thrilling.”

NBC News also noted that Democrat divisions dating back to last year’s presidential primaries could further complicate Northam’s path to victory, with Bernie Sanders and his Our Revolution group deciding to “sit out” the race after having endorsed Northam’s primary rival, Tom Perriello. As Northam’s campaign continues to face a growing list of setbacks while Democrats show increasing signs of division, his struggles are becoming a source of national concern for a party that “desperately needs a win” in November.

NBC News has more:

Now, with less than two weeks to go before voters pick between Democratic Lt. Gov. Ralph Northam and Republican Ed Gillespie in a close race, [Tom] Perez and others in the party have to prove they can execute a winning strategy — or they will face a chorus of criticism.

And yet, with two weeks left to go, there’s a fear among some Democratic leaders.

The party’s nominee is less than thrilling. Democrats are still divided in the aftermath of the Bernie Sanders-Hillary Clinton presidential primary last year. And Republicans perform better in off-year elections…

Our Revolution, which grew out of Sanders’ presidential campaign, decided to sit out the Virginia governor’s race, irking some Democrats involved in the contest who worry about progressives staying home on Election Day because their favored candidate, former Rep. Tom Perriello, lost the primary.