Democrat Union Boss Gets Caught Misleading Voters

Dem gov candidate Mahlon Mitchell gets "Mostly False" rating from Politifact.

The RGA writes:

As Democrat union boss Mahlon Mitchell touts his Big Labor credentials on the campaign trail for Wisconsin’s highest office, he’s already started misleading voters about his record. In a tweet in January, Mitchell claimed to have always opposed Act 10, a law championed by Governor Walker that saved billions in taxpayer dollars for Wisconsin families. Mitchell asserted that his first reaction to the law was “hell no.”

But Politifact Wisconsin looked into Mitchell’s claim and discovered that his first reaction “a lot closer to ‘yes, please’ than ‘hell no.’” In fact, Mitchell even “applauded” Governor Walker for certain aspects of the law and only opposed it later on. This earned Mitchell’s claim a “mostly false” rating from Politifact.

After spending years using his union as a political slush fund to further his ambitions, Mitchell is now openly distorting the facts about his record on Act 10 to score points with liberal primary voters. Wisconsin can’t trust him to lead.

Politifact Wisconsin has more: 

In a tweet, Mitchell said the first response of him and his union to the Walker proposals that became Act 10 was to reject them and ‘stand with working Wisconsinites everywhere.’

Mitchell did ultimately join the other union leaders in opposing the measure, leading marches and even bunking in the Capitol to protest the legislation. But his first response was to ‘applaud’ Walker for recognizing that firefighters were ‘unique’ among public employees.

That’s a lot closer to ‘yes, please’ than ‘hell no.’

We rate Mitchell’s claim Mostly False.

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