Democrat Richard Cordray Wants Ohioans To Pay Billions For New Big Government Spending

Richard Cordray tries to con voters into thinking he won’t raise their taxes.

The RGA writes:

As Ohio Democrat gubernatorial candidate Richard Cordray tries to con voters into thinking he won’t raise their taxes, he continues to push for billions of dollars in reckless new spending plans for which Ohio taxpayers would be on the hook for.

The Columbus Dispatch reports that leaders of Ohio’s state legislature estimate Cordray’s proposals would come with a $4 billion per year price tag that could only be paid for through higher taxes on working families across the state. Cordray responded by confirming he would spend down the state’s budget surplus, deplete the rainy day fund, and then “harvest additional taxes” on the people of Ohio, making it clear that he would govern on a tax-and-spend agenda if elected.

While Republican nominee Mike DeWine offers fiscally responsible solutions to move Ohio forward without tax increases, Cordray’s reckless policies would force Ohioans to pay higher taxes for bigger government. He can’t be trusted to lead.


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