Democrat Mayor Dan Drew Drops Out of Connecticut Gov Race Amid Scandals, Fundraising Troubles

Drew’s decision to leave the race is the latest sign of Democrat troubles in Connecticut.

Connecticut Democrats suffered another blow to their chances of holding onto the governor’s office with embattled Middletown Mayor Dan Drew’s decision today to drop out. For months, Drew’s campaign had been plagued by poor fundraising and multiple scandals after he attempted to shake down and intimidate city employees for campaign contributions. Even after raising $280,000, Drew found himself strapped for cash, spending money as fast as he could bring it in.

Drew joins State Comptroller Kevin Lembo and liberal trial lawyer Chris Mattei as the latest candidates to end their gubernatorial campaigns despite being touted as strong contenders. Since Dan Malloy decided last year not to run for a third term after driving Connecticut into fiscal ruin, none of the Democrats’ top recruits have been willing to run on his record, with Lieutenant Governor Nancy Wyman, State Senator Ted Kennedy Jr., and Attorney General George Jepsen all refusing to enter the race.

Drew’s decision to leave the race is the latest sign of Democrat troubles in Connecticut after seven years of disastrous failed leadership under Malloy. With Drew’s exit, Democrats now find themselves with even fewer options for the 2018 gubernatorial election as candidates continue to run as fast as they can from Malloy’s toxic record.

Mayor Dan Drew on Friday announced he is dropping out of the gubernatorial race.

‘After discussions between us and with our families, we have decided to end our campaigns for Governor and Lieutenant Governor of Connecticut,’ Drew and his running mate, Liz Linehan, said in a statement. ‘Ultimately it became very difficult to raise the required funds to qualify for public financing. Other campaigns are on their way, and we look forward to supporting the Democratic team.’

Drew’s campaign was already showing signs it was unraveling earlier this week.

His campaign reported a negative balance when factoring in unpaid expenses on its most recent election filing late Wednesday night.

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