Dem Gov Candidates Refuse To Support ICE

Jared Polis and Michelle Lujan Grisham are among several Democrat gubernatorial candidates to withhold support for ICE law enforcement officers.

UPDATE: 7/24/2018

Per the RGA:

As an increasing number of Democrats call for abolishing the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), South Carolina Democrat gubernatorial candidate James Smith has thus far refused to comment.

Earlier this month, Arizona Democrat gubernatorial candidate David Garcia made headlines by calling for the abolition of ICE, joining leaders of his party including Elizabeth Warren and Kirsten Gillibrand in doing so. By supporting this radical proposal, Democrats are making it clear that protecting our borders comes second to their radical political beliefs.

ICE’s contribution to the safety and security of South Carolina was on full display in May when an MS-13 gang member accused of murder was apprehended in Charleston. The alleged murderer was on ICE’s radar after being deported once already and returning to America illegally.

With this issue becoming a key litmus test for Democrat candidates nationwide, Smith owes South Carolina voters an answer: Does he support the abolition of ICE?

The Republican Governors Association writes:

Colorado Democrat gubernatorial nominee Jared Polis continues to show just how radical his far-left agenda really is.

On Wednesday, Polis refused to vote for a motion supporting the officers and personnel of ICE.

Polis’s refusal to support immigration law enforcement comes only months after he voted against re-authorizing the Department of Homeland Security, which houses ICE. On top of his de-facto support for abolishing ICE, Polis has repeatedly voted against requiring local and state law enforcement to enforce federal immigration law.

Polis has made it clear that he puts his extreme agenda before three of the most basic functions of a governor: supporting law enforcement, enforcing immigration law, and keeping the citizens of his state safe. Coloradoans deserve better.

New Mexico Democrat gubernatorial candidate Michelle Lujan Grisham similarly withheld support for ICE.

Per the RGA:

Democrat gubernatorial nominee Michelle Lujan Grisham continues to prove that she’s too partisan to lead New Mexico.

Only a few months ago, Lujan Grisham used her position in the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to deny a Hispanic Republican from joining so that she could use the group as a partisan weapon.

Now, Lujan Grisham is refusing to vote for a motion supporting the officers and personnel of ICE.

Lujan Grisham continues to put partisanship before supporting law enforcement and keeping the citizens of New Mexico safe. New Mexicans can’t trust her.