Dem Florida Gov Candidate Proposes “Unusual” $1 Billion Tax Hike on Businesses

Andrew Gillum’s out-of-touch proposal proves he doesn’t understand Florida voters.

The RGA writes:

The Florida Democrat gubernatorial field may finally be admitting that they will force taxpayers to pay more if elected.

While Florida’s Republican Governor Rick Scott is fighting to cut taxes, scandal-ridden Democrat gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum is proposing a massive new $1 billion tax hike on Florida businesses that would make the state less business-friendly. The Tampa Bay Times even noted that the tax hike plan was “unusual.”

This also begs a serious question: Will Gillum’s fellow Democrat candidates, Gwen Graham and Philip Levine, support Gillum’s plan or will they commit to not raising taxes?

Gillum’s out-of-touch proposal proves he doesn’t understand that Florida voters have no appetite for a high tax-and-spend agenda. It’s time for Graham and Levine to admit where they stand.

The Tampa Bay Timeshas more on the story:

Democratic Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum, who is running for governor, made the unusual move of proposing an tax increase while on the campaign trail Friday.

Gillum said if elected, he would increase Florida’s corporate tax rate to 7.75 percent, up from the current 5.5 percent. That increase would generate $1 billion in increased annual revenue, he said, which he said he would use to boost education funding.


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