Dem 2020 hopeful and Washington Gov. Jay Inslee Has a $9 Trillion Climate Change Plan

The Democrat governor unveiled his plan in Washington, D.C.

Fox News reports:

Democratic presidential candidate Jay Inslee on Thursday unveiled a wide-ranging plan he says would combat climate change by shifting the U.S. from dependence on fossil fuels to renewable energy.

The Washington State governor claimed his proposal -- called the "Evergreen Economy Plan" -- would create eight million jobs over 10 years as it builds a clean energy economy for the country.

ut it doesn’t come cheap.

The price tag for the plan: $9 trillion in public and private money.

“I believe America can defeat climate change and build a strong, clean energy economy for working families,” Inslee said in a statement.

Spotlighting his efforts in his home state, the governor detailed that “this plan is built on our successes in Washington state, where we have passed strong clean energy laws and we have the fastest-growing economy in the nation. We need to rebuild the middle class with strong union jobs, while making the investments needed to power America’s clean energy transformation. The Evergreen Economy Plan provides a detailed roadmap to a clean energy economy that grows jobs in every community.”

The Republican National Committee slammed Inslee in a statement to Fox News.

“Not surprising to see yet another liberal Democrat propose a $9 trillion dollar plan that has the federal government calling the shots at the expense of American taxpayers and jobs. Meanwhile, under President Trump, the economy is flourishing because of his pro-growth, free-market approach. The choice for voters in clear," said RNC National Press Secretary Blair Ellis.