Richard Cordray Still Refuses To Release His Schedule and Address Hatch Act Concerns

It's time for Richard Cordray to be honest with taxpayers.

New, from the RGA

The Republican Governors Association today called on Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray to quit hiding his schedule for June and July of this year and admit to taxpayers where he was and who he spoke to during that time. These months, still missing from his official online schedule, contain key dates and events in which, according to media reports, Cordray discussed his intentions to run for Ohio governor.

In the nearly 3 weeks since the RGA filed its original FOIA request with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau on August 1, and a follow-up FOIA on August 15, requesting the schedule in question along with other information, Cordray has refused to release this key information, while the media continue to report that he has engaged in activity surrounding a run for Ohio governor.

“It’s time for Richard Cordray to stop hiding his schedule and come clean,” said RGA Communications Director Jon Thompson. “Cordray should quit stalling, release his schedule, and prove to taxpayers if he engaged in political activity that violated the Hatch Act. Ohioans deserve to know if Cordray used his Consumer Financial Protection Bureau office improperly for political gain.”

Cleveland Plain Dealer: Expect Richard Cordray to enter the Democratic race for Ohio governor

Cordray's term in his job doesn't expire until July of next year, but many Republicans, along with The Wall Street Journal, have repeatedly implored President Donald Trump to fire him. Other Republicans, knowing that such a firing would make Cordray a martyr, have urged caution. As of now, it appears the wise ones will prevail over the dopes who want him canned.

Either way, here's one more important thing you should know:

I believe Cordray is certain to run for Ohio governor. More specifically, I would expect him to join the race no later than September.

Cleveland Plain Dealer: Richard Cordray is running for Ohio governor, Supreme Court justice was told 

Former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray is going to run for governor of Ohio, Ohio Supreme Court Justice Bill O'Neill said he was told last week by a mutual friend.

Politico: Ohio judge: Richard Cordray plans to run for Ohio governor

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau Director Richard Cordray will run for governor in Ohio next year, according to his friends, a move that would inject a Democratic celebrity into a battleground-state campaign and remove a key Obama administration holdover.

Ohio Supreme Court Justice Bill O'Neill said a mutual friend called Cordray last week to ask if the bureau chief was considering a run for governor. O'Neill himself had considered running in the past but told the friend — whom he refused to name — that he wouldn’t if Cordray did. It was clear from the conversation that Cordray will launch a campaign, O'Neill said. "He's getting ready to run," O'Neill told POLITICO.

WVXU: So what are the chances Richard Cordray runs for Ohio governor? 

For a guy who refuses to talk about the subject, former Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray has nearly everybody in Ohio Democratic Party politics expecting him to jump into the 2018 race for governor.

We've always thought Cordray had some extraordinary politics skills, but to create the kind of buzz we have seen in the past week while steadfastly refusing to talk about it is quite a neat trick.