Mike Cooney’s “Big Government” Agenda

A recent ad released in the Montana gubernatorial race highlights Democrat Mike Cooney’s “big government” agenda for the Treasure State.

A recent ad released in the Montana gubernatorial race highlights Democrat Mike Cooney’s “big government” agenda for the Treasure State. See for yourself:

The ad says that Cooney supports, among other things, tax hikes and government-run healthcare.

Indeed, just recently Cooney admitted he supports tax hikes, telling KXLF in an interview, “To say we’re going to cut property taxes, we’re going to cut that tax, we’re going to cut this tax – every one of those cuts will have an impact on the services to the people of Montana.”

Here’s more, from the RGA:

Cooney has a history of pushing higher taxes and opposing tax cuts throughout his 44 years in government – as a state senator he requested legislation for a statewide sales tax, and when Montana had a $1 billion surplus Cooney stated his opposition to returning those dollars to Montanans in the form of tax cuts and pushed to spend the funds on big government programs.

“Just like a career politician who’s never had to get a real job, Mike Cooney thinks government is the answer to every problem and raising taxes is always the solution,” said RGA Communications Director Amelia Chassé Alcivar. “Cooney has pushed for more spending and opposed tax relief for Montana working families for 44 years and now he wants to raise Montanans’ taxes to pay for his liberal agenda. Montana can’t afford Mike Cooney.”

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